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About Your Visit

At Eggers and Co., we hope you feel as welcome and comfortable as if you just arrived at your grandparents' home in the country. 


You'll stay in one of three bedrooms: Walt's room, the Girls' room, or the Drummer room. To relax, you have your pick of enjoying the hot tub in the summer kitchen, playing dominoes in the game room, or reading in the parlor. Breakfast is served in the dining room, but you also have access to a kitchennette, in case you need to store something in a fridge or have a quick snack. You can read more about each room on the Tour page

"All the charm of its history but not lacking the conveniences of home, making it a lovely, comfortable, fun trip. Ellen was lovely and gave us the run of the house making us feel so at ease. She thought of everything." 

--Chip, guest in 2016

Breakfasts cooked in Ella's kitchen today are very similar to what she would have cooked for you herself. Her cooking was simple and reflected their German heritage.


Kuchen, gritzewurst and kock kase would have been staples at breakfast along with coffee, eggs and home baked bread. “Gritzewurst,” or oatmeal sausage is still served today, made by locally owned M & M Meats. “Kock Kase” means “cooked cheese,” and is a creamy spread for home baked bread, though apple butter and jams were always on Ella’s table as well. 

“Kuchen” is the German coffee cake that is still makes an appearance at every church function. The yeasted dough is rolled out onto large flat pans and topped with seasonal fruit, crumbs, or peanut butter frosting, then sliced into narrow strips -- perfect for dunking in your coffee. Ella’s kitchen even had a “kuchen schrunk,” a cabinet specially outfitted with shelves to store her weekly kuchen baking.


"Quiet, peaceful, great breakfast, such accomodating hosts! A wonderful experience!"

--Sue, guest in 2019

Ella procured ingredients from her own garden and larder, and supplemented with food traded at the store from nearby farms.  Today’s buzzwords “local,” “sustainable,” and “fair trade,” were the Eggers way of doing business decades ago. Today, seasonal fruits and egg dishes prepared from local eggs make breakfast at Eggers and Company a full meal.

 While you are in our little corner of Missouri, you might enjoy exploring the rest of what the area has to offer:   

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Mississippi River Trail

Perry County Barn Quilt Trail

Saxon Lutheran Memorial

Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum 

East Perry Community Fair

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